Monday, June 22, 2009

Smokes for Dad!

A day late but -- Happy Father's Day!

Have a carton of smokes! Or two. Or three... or four...?

Times sure have changed, haven't they? I can't believe how absurd this looks from our modern day perspective. I've actually been on the planet long enough that (had my parents been smokers) I'd have considered this perfectly acceptable as a kid. In fact, a great gift idea! I certainly witnessed plenty of little kids buying cigarettes back in the 70's with no more than a "they're for my dad."

But this ad is beyond hilarious. Even Scraps, the dog is getting in on the act. I get the feeling this guy's family is hoping to cash in his life insurance policy - and soon! "Here dad, smoke your brains out. Mom's got State Farm on speed dial."

Its summer... I'm feeling lazy... and I love old cigarette ads. This week we'll dig out another batch and enjoy a chuckle or two.

* My "Smoking" Flickr set.

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