Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bead Scoop: Patina Gel

Cool Tools is well named. They come up with the coolest tools and today I have a good example, Patina Gel. It's a stabilized form of liver of sulfur. You know liver of sulfur, it's the stinky chunks of stuff that make copper based metals like copper, sterling silver and bronze dark so you can highlight all those beautiful reliefs. But liver of sulfur goes bad quickly. Gee wish I had a stabilized form of it. Oh wait! You can get a stabilized form of it.


Yes, and Cool Tools has done it. That's why they're well named.

I love it and use it on my new bronze metal clay pieces.

It's so easy to work with. Go to the Cool Tools website like I did and check out the videos on how to use it. It's a dream come true! Thanks, Cool Tools!

(Photo credit for Patina Gel from the Cool Tools website.)

(written by Cindy Gimbrone who is busy putting a patina on everything she can!)

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