Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wikibeadia: Filigree

Art Bead Scene loves filigree but we've never defined it and done a Wikibeadia post on it. So we're going to rectify that today!

According to wiseGEEK

"Filigree refers to the process and type of design that uses twisted wire to create delicate, lacy, openwork jewelry. Usually made from finer metals like gold, silver and platinum, filigree has been used for centuries to craft jewelry such as pins, rings and pendants. To create filigree, an artisan rolls the malleable metal into thin filaments, then twists and bends them into intricate shapes that resemble spun sugar, paisley scrolls and evocative arabesques."

Last fall's ABS monthly challenge was filigree and here are a few of the submissions to show off and a free filigree project...

Empress by jewelsbydesign:

Autumn Cascade by ABS Editor, Heather Powers:

An Art Noveau-Inspired Pendant free project from ABS Editor, Cindy Gimbrone:

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