Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bernie Fuchs: "...like a bright meteor in a very dark sky..."

Another batch of early Bernie Fuchs advertising illustration scans from Charlie Allen, who writes:

"Fuchs was like a bright meteor in a very dark sky... a new, positive and unavoidable force in our illustration world. His best work was at the beginning... lasting five, maybe ten, years."

He continues, "these seem to fit his earlier more conservative side....and being ads helps. He was much farther out on his editorial stuff."

"Fuchs was pure genius....loose....but every figure, object, background, harmony, color and value....everything was carefully done to make the illustration work."

"All with energy, taste, beauty, and integrity! Talk about an inspiration..."

"... but for us older competitive types, very humbling!"

"Enough..... Chas."

Thanks, Charlie!

Be sure to drop by Charlie Allen's Blog to see some of Charlie's own inspiring (and humbling) artwork.

* My Bernie Fuchs Flickr set.

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