Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Findings Worth Finding - Magnetic Dexterity

Rio Grande has a new clasp, it's a variation on the magnetic clasps you've probably seen before. Rio Grande carries these in argentium silver which resists tarnishing, and also in gold. It's sleek, it's secure and simple to open.

It's called the Magnetic Dexterity clasp, and the design is very clever. You don't see the magnets unless you look from the side, but they make this clasp very easy to put on one-handed. Just hook the loop or jump ring around the post while you squeeze the clasp open, then release and the magnets grab a tight hold.

This clasp seems more secure than some of the other styles of two-sided magnet clasps I've seen for bracelets and necklaces, those sometimes make me nervous about losing my bracelet or necklace with a too-hard tug.

Rio Grande is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico but they have fantastic catalogs and online shopping to make it easy.

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