Saturday, August 22, 2009

Studio Saturday with Jangles

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Welcome to the Studio of Jangles and Studio Saturday!

Hi everyone! My studio Saturday post is the time every month when I sit down and look at what I have been working on. I think about what's new in the studio. This time around, when I thought about whats new I came up with the answer of everything! My children have gone back to school so I am back on a regular work day schedule instead of my summer hours which are whenever I can cram it in. The new schedule makes me excited to create new work and just to clear up the list of things I have put on the back burner. There is just something about the fall that makes me want to turn over a new leaf. Ha!, get it? New leaf. Okay, maybe I have had to much coffee already.

First things, first I finally got a facebook page. I got called out at the Art Bead Scene last month for not having one. I avoided it for as long as I could, but now that I am on there. I have to admit it's a lot of fun. I am still learning things and I still have to set up my fan page but for my first week, I think I am doing all right. My name is Jennifer Heynen Jangles just in case you want to be my friend. (Sorry, I haven't figure out how to link to my page.)

These beads above are new. I am calling them embellishments because I have been using them a lot in craft projects and mixed media projects lately. However they are glazed on both sides and have a hole through the middle so technically they are still beads. I have a project in Creative Jewelry with one of them. I also have a project with them in the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

When I first started making beads I only made them for my jewelry. Eventually I started just selling the beads. But the point is, I have had a line of jewelry and small gifts that I sell to gallery and artisan shops for the past nine years. Stores are starting to place their fall and winter orders so I have been filing lots of orders for the stores. This is one of the little flowers vases I make.

New links were also added to the website this week. I have wanted to make smaller links for awhile, it was the first thing on my list when the boys got back to school. Above is a bracelet and below is a necklace made with the link beads.

As you can see I am busy and quite happy to be busy again. I love summer but I love this time of the year. I feel like I get so much accomplished when the little munchkins get back to school. Tell me about your fall ambitions....what's on your to-do list or what have you been working on? Leave me a comment and one of you will be chosen randomly to win a pair of my new links.

Happy Saturday!

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