Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Francis Marshall: "I sketched madly all the time"

A tremendous response yesterday to what one commentor nicely described as Francis Marshall's "lovely spontaneous line."

Here, once again thanks to TI list member Roger O'Reilly, are a few more examples from Marshall's 1940's - 50's period.

Here we see how Marshall built up his inked finish from his initial rough sketch.

Another commentor asked about the use of photo reference. Thanks to TI list member Brian Postman, who just this morning sent the scans below, we now have a better understanding of Francis Marshall's philosophy on that sometimes contentious issue.

I had assumed the Francis Marshall was strictly a "from life" illustrator...

The text on these two pages certainly seems to bear that out.

But here he relates an anecdote of his trip to New York. He makes a point of saying, "Many American artists prefer to take a Leica about with them and take photos wherever they go and file them for reference, and this too is a good idea."

Marshall clearly wasn't just talking about other artists, because later he mentions that he would have liked to have a camera along on a trip to Monaco "there's no doubt that all Monaco would be in my reference library right now."

* Many thanks to Roger O'Reilly and Brian Postman for their generous contributions to this week's topic!

* My Francis Marshall Flickr set.

* And don't forget to check out Charlie Allen's latest CAWS. Once again, Charlie dazzles us with a tremendous range of styles and techniques from several decades of his career.

*AND* if you love great drawing (and especially if you love great drawings of gorgeous women) be sure to visit Storyboard Central, where TI list member Chris Turner has just dumped a TON of his amazing storyboard drawings from the 1980's!

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