Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your Assistance Is Requested

The world is a better place thanks to author/editor/publisher Manuel Auad, who is responsible for the three invaluable Alex Toth books, Alex Toth, Black and White, and One for the Road.

Now the man who wrote the book(s) on "the comic artist's comic artist" is nearing completion on what he calls his year-long "labour of love", a book on "the illustrator's illustrator", Robert Fawcett.

Manuel has reached out to ask the assistance of any Fawcett collector who might be able to identify the publication details of the two pieces shown here. Perhaps you have tear sheets from - or the actual issues of - The Saturday Evening Post these illustrations appeared in. Manuel would be most grateful to anyone who could tell him the story title, author, and publication dates.

"As always," writes Manuel, "I’ll be more than happy to credit anybody who can help me."

Here's hoping someone out there has the elusive information on these two pieces.

* My Robert Fawcett Flickr set.

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