Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 10 Bead Show Tips

As I prepare for Bead & Button and having my first booth this year, I'm also making a strategy for my shopping experience.  I thought I'd share a few tips with you that I learned from last year.

1. Have a budget - I know I just heard someone laugh, but seriously unless money is no object you can get into major trouble without a budget.

2. Have a list - make a list of materials or projects supplies you are planning to hunt down.

3. Have a plan - make a list of the beadmakers or shops you have to visit

3. A good pair of shoes - seriously, it's a lot of walking.

4. A good friend - to help you stay out of trouble and to share your best treasures.

5. Have a strategy - buy your art beads and rare finds the first day.  Look for deals the second day.

6. Impulses are not your friend - ask yourself: can I order this at home or will it add too much bulk to my suitcases if I'm flying.

7. Replenish - have water, you really will need it.

8. Bring business cards - this is a great time to network.

9. Bring a camera - you'll want pictures of you and your new friends and photos from the show.

10. Be kind to yourself - let's face it #1 will be blown the first day unless you have super human bead buying powers.  Bring a credit card or have a back up funds for your travel expenses.

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