Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joyful Encounters - Free Project

Can I tell you how much resin beads are my new best friend?  We met at Bead & Button, thanks to Judy from Natural Touch Beads.  They are warm, the texture is delightfully matte, the colors are luminous and remind me of beach glass.  They are lightweight, durable and create the perfect mix with any type of art bead.  Resin, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Joyful Encounters
Supply List
Nest Pendant and 1 disk bead from Humblebeads
Joy bead and 3 faceted ceramic beads from Diane Hawkey
Shibuchi Flower clasp from Green Girl Studios
6 6mm teardrop Czech glass beads
5 12mm buri beads
3 green olivine 8mm resin coins(
25 watermelon 8mm resin coins
3 4mm flat silver spacers
1 6mm flat silver spacer
2 4mm flat copper spacers
size 11 seed beads (
3" of 20 ga sterling silver wire
2 tube crimp beads
Copper beading wire

Necklace length: 20"

1. Create a wire-wrapped bail with the silver wire.
2. Attach the clasp to the end of beading wire with a crimp tube bead.
3 String 1 polymer disk bead, 4mm silver spacer, faceted clay bead, 4mm silver spacers, buri bead, seed bead, 3 teardrops, two seed beads.  String the pendant unto the wire.
4. String buri, seed bead, repeat. String buri, 4mm spacer, faceted clay bead, 6mm spacer, faceted clay bead, 4mm copper spacer, joy bead, 4mm copper spacer, buri bead and 3 teardrops.
5. String seed bead, green coin, repeat. 
6. String seed bead, watermelon coin. Repeat 24 times.  String seed bead, green coin, seed bead, tube crimp. 
7. String the wire through the leaf part of the clasp and back through the crimp bead and crimp.

Design by Heather Powers,
Natural Touch Beads is one of sponsors this month. 

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