Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NC Wyeth's "King Arthur" continued...

By guest author, Charlie Allen

The next scan, and in pretty much the order of the nine illustrations included in the book, an amazing scene of King Arthur standing in an elaborately carved small boat contemplating the strange sword in the lake. And... to add to the eery scene... the three swans flying, apparently noiselessly through a misty background.

Next, 'I am Sir Lancelot du Lake, King Ban's son of Benwick, and Knight of the Round Table'. Typical of Wyeth's ability to dramatize a scene of the two knights meeting.

I won't comment on all the following illustrations except to say Wyeth never let the reader down.

Each is a marvel of composition, draftsmanship and drama... and each offers the readers renewed interest and a glimpse of the times and mood of the story.

* Tomorrow, more scans from "The Boys King Arthur", courtesy of Charlie Allen.

* If you are new to Today's Inspiration and never read Charlie Allen's blog, this is your chance to get to know our guest author better. Drop by there and peruse Charlie's archives for some great stories and some truly amazing artwork!

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