Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Color Palette Generator

While assembling a picture mosaic for a rust inspiration board I felt I needed, I came across this;
The Color Palette Generator.

This little online toy allows you to upload a photo file, a flickr photo or even one of your facebook photos and develops a color palette from that upload!

I chose one of my favorite photos from this photographer; Tanakawho. Actually just about every photo she takes inspires me but I was struck by this color combination of turquoise, orange and brown.

 (photo used with permission and remains the property of tanakawho)

The colors the palette generator gave me included names like brown pod, acapulca, viking and something numbered #a0410e which I like to call redwood.

 The names themselves could be used individually for inspiration but I combined these 4 colors to create this dynamic piece;

The orange of the redwood bead pops out at you just like the orange door knob in the photo. The chain, drenched in brilliant turquoise, is the dominant factor of the bracelet, similar to the bright turquoise in the majority of the photo. African bauxite from my personal stash and ceramic beads by macarroll gave the bracelet its finishing touches and I'm hooked...... I will definitely be going back to the Color Palette Generator for a personal swatch of color choices to design with!

Much Love & Respect,


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