Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 1960 Dodge Trucks Campaign

In 1960 Dodge Trucks ran an ad campaign that was very forward-looking. Smart, colourful, stylized illustrations were featured in a series of magazine ads (and for related brochures and catalogues) positioning Dodge trucks in a distinctive, contemporary light.

Dodge Trucks

Kudos to the art director who sold the client on this approach - and to Dodge for going out on a limb by agreeing to such a unique presentation of their product line! This must surely have been a risky decision.


Risky because the style of these illustrations - as beautiful as I think it is - doesn't strike me as terribly appealing to what I imagine as the typical 1950s truck purchaser.


The three ads above were previously presented here on Today's Inspiration. Recently I unearthed two more of these gorgeous, innovatively executed ads.



Seeing that there was in fact a fairly large group of these ads, I searched online and discovered scans of even more images from the series!




What a spectacular series.

1960 Dodge Power-Wagon Trucks

And what a beautiful and distinctive style!


And yet I have never come across it anywhere else... who could this mysterious artist have been?

And then I recalled the work of Albert Pucci, whom we recently looked at.


Could Pucci have been the artist behind the 1960 Dodge trucks campaign?

* Thanks to Flickr members Alden Jewell and thisisengage for providing the last two Dodge Trucks scans in today's post!

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