Friday, September 23, 2011

Children's Books by Famous Illustrators: Tom Vroman

Thomas Vroman was an illustrator and graphic designer whose work began appearing in major publications in the mid-1950s.

 Vroman photo.jpg

In 1956, Collier's magazine published a spectacular series of historical illustrations by Vroman...
 ... done in his highly attractive, highly decorative, signature style.


 Vroman's inventive, forward-looking style was not necessarily appreciated by all of Collier's readers.


 During the 1960s Tom Vroman illustrated several children's books.

(I managed to locate these images on but there may have been others)

 Vroman's best known children's book might be Alexander...


 ... the story of a mischievous (imaginary) horse.







As a kid growing up in the late '60s and early '70s, I often wondered (and still do today as a professional character designer of cartoon mascots) if Vroman's Alexander was the inspiration for the mascot character on Fruit Stripe Gum.


Thomas Vroman went on to launch a successful graphic design firm which still exists today. There is an extensive biography of the artist and some examples of his later artwork at

 * More of the artist's Collier's illustrations in my Thomas Vroman Flickr set.

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