Monday, September 26, 2011

Jack O'Lanterns

Jack o' lanterns are the spirits of unrighteous men ', which by a false glimmer seek to mislead the traveller, and to decoy him into bogs and moors. The best safeguard against them, when they appear, is to turn one's cap inside out. When any one sees a Jack o' lantern, let him take care not to point at him, for he will come if pointed at. It is also said that if any one calls him, he will come and light him who called; but then let him be very cautious.

Jack O'Lanterns, carved and photographed by image uploader, circa Halloween 2009.

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TEXT CREDIT: Northern mythology, comprising the principal popular traditions and superstitions of Scandinavia, north Germany, and the Netherlands Compiled by: Benjamin Thorpe. Publisher: E. Lumley, 1851. Original from: the University of Virginia. Digitized: Jun 25, 2008. Subjects: Mythology, Germanic.

Jack O'Lanterns

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